About Us

We are a global technology company that specializes in Artificial Intelligence Services and Machine Vision Technology. The company is making big waves across the globe in the spheres of software development along with AI based Research and Development, Data Science Solutions, IT outsourcing, UI/UX, and Cloud Services. As the largest IT employer in Sri Lanka, we are inspiring the next generation and changing futures through a unique approach to knowledge delivery and skills enhancement.

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At OREL IT, we have a strong sense of unity and purpose. We believe that everyone's unique perspectives and ideas are valuable and encourage our team members to share them openly. In addition, we prioritize diversity and inclusion as essential components of our corporate culture. By fostering a dynamic and creative work environment that values and celebrates differences, we create an atmosphere where people can thrive and reach their full potential to deliver exceptional results. 

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Our Leadership

Dr. Upendra Pieris is an exceptional leader with a compelling personality. He served as Vice President of OREL IT for many years before taking on the role of CEO. With over a decade of experience in the global IT industry, Dr. Pieris, with a passion for continues learning holds a Ph.D. from the European International University in Paris, an M.Sc. from Asia E University Malaysia and an MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. Dr. Pieris has held prominent positions in both local and international ICT professional organizations with a passion to leverage technology to empower humanity.

Dr. Upendra Pieris


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