Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Agriculture

Needless to say, the Agriculture Industry in many countries across the world stands as the pillar of sustenance for a wide community. As the global population becomes greater day by day it is of vital importance to have a production that’s more efficient than ever. Gone are the days when all tasks are operated manually which is not only time consuming but also affects the optimization of production.

To boost productivity in the industry, modern technology is tailored to meet various requirements. Among these revolutionary innovations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) contributes to enhancing the quality of the crops and boosting the efficiency of the farmers. AI in the field of agriculture also helps farmers to predict the possible environmental impact on the crops.

OREL IT is well known for its reputation of being a leading IT company in Sri Lanka that has successfully managed to gain a strong foothold in the field of AI in agriculture. Envisaging a smart future, we focus on organizing and analyzing data which is an initial step needed to implement AI Technologies.

Here’s why OREL IT is worth partnering up with to develop AI-based technologies that can be used in the Agriculture Industry.

OREL IT team that consists of more than 4000 employees are trained to perform the task of data labeling by tagging data like text or objects in videos and images to make it detectable and recognizable for computer vision. The ultimate result of this is to train AI models through a machine learning algorithm for the right predictions.

The following scenario denotes how AI makes any anomaly conveniently detectable.

  • A farmer identifies a location in the crop field where there are discolored leaves.
  • By installing cameras with the AI technology in various locations, a farmer will be able to identify if the same pattern of discolored leaves is spreading in other parts of the field.
  • By analyzing the captured images of the leaves, the AI system that has been installed communicates accurate details of the type of disease along with the other areas that the disease is affecting productivity.
  • With the aid of AI, the farmer will be able to decide on the necessary steps that are needed to curb the spread of any disease.

Future of Agro-Intelligence with OREL IT

As we persist in expanding our expertise in fully equipped AI technologies, we intend to come up with more futuristic additions to the domain of AI. State of the art innovations in AI has now made it possible for the agro-intelligence to prosper. By providing the farmers with an intelligence network to support their decision making, they can accurately predict their harvest. The agritech solutions that OREL IT has specialized in assist the farmers to gather real time, accurate data that ease them with many decisions which include the amount and the type of pesticides or fertilizer that need to be used and the safety measures in the face of an impending environmental challenge to name a few.

OREL IT image processing team has more than a decade of experience in analyzing data and feeding them to an AI-based system. As a pioneering IT solutions provider in Sri Lanka we hope to solidify our participation in AI based technology in Agri-Intelligence by expanding our collaboration with clients across the world.

So contact one of the best agriculture artificial intelligence companies OREL IT to apply artificial intelligence for agriculture.