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Inclusive culture with merit-based progression systems has been instrumental to the forward-looking environment we’ve developed at Orel IT. We offer our employees a diverse list of alternative opportunities through which to discover and hone their passions, for our focus is on the holistic development of each individual. We consistently attract the top talent across the country to our ranks, through our platform for discovery and exploration through work.

Current Vacancies

There are no current vacancies at Orel IT. But we are open to your interest in joining us.

If you are keen to pursue a rewarding career with a progressive fully-Sri Lankan company, we look forward to hearing from you. Enter your contact details and upload your application to us online. We will contact you if your application is suitable at the next available interview sessions.

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Chamith Peiris

Lead Business Analyst

“Everyone on the team plays an equal role. My work creates the positivity and my team keeps it strong and moving. We own the process, and we are responsible for the impossible to move forward in success. Because I’m an Orelian”

Rumeshi Chethana

Human Resources Executive

“Being in a great place to work is the difference between being in a good company and a great company. We have a clear direction on what we are trying to do and educating in great people who can execute the CAN DO!!! Because I’m an Orelian”

Sachithra Harshana

Subject Matter Expert

“The power of winning goals lies solely on the strength we put to succeed in our daily tasks. Our main strength to work should be a will to do the task at hand. Our goal is to always be the best and we are confident that with our work and participation we keep achieving that goal. Because I’m an Orelian “

Shafna Uvaiz

Business Analyst – Solutions

“In this ever changing professional life the most powerful and enduring personalities are built from the work we do. It is real and makes the profession strong. Our company grows within our efforts and work methods as IT leaders who set the tone. Because I’m an Orelian”

Thilina Nirosha

Business Analyst

“Discover your performances to challenge the methods. Since our performance comes down to a cultural change rather than simply a technical one. I do make it important to create a culture of innovation that both values and rewards efforts. Because I’m an Orelian”

Piyumi Hansika

Human Resources Executive

“It’s about getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment & helping to find a way to innovate. I make sure all my colleagues have great opportunities, has a meaningful impact in contributing to the Innovations we prosper. Because I’m an Orelian”