Across the globe, fluctuating climatic conditions, increased competition, and reduced yields present farmers with numerous challenges that negatively impact the agriculture industry. The increased need for fertilizer and pesticides to maintain consistent crop yields has placed added pressure on farmers, affecting the sustainability of their operations.

Orel IT works in a close capacity with agritech giants worldwide, and our role in the emergence of AI focused technologies in improving agricultural efforts globally is one that is significant. Whether in the area of agronomic considerations, agribusiness decisions, or in managing a full scale farming operation, the role of agro-intelligence is gaining in importance while providing a competitive advantage to those who embrace its guiding technology.

The agritech solutions that Orel IT contributes to, offer farmers real time, accurate and specific data and an intelligence network to support their decisions. This enables them to accurately predict their harvest, parallelly assisting them to place heavy focus on optimizing their produce output. Resource use too is optimized as optimal nutrient and pesticide levels can be discerned right down to each plant.

This is made possible by the structured annotating tasks performed by Orel IT. We rely on satellite visuals depicting various stages of the crop life cycle and subsequently tag them, allowing for automated insight on optimal harvest times and fertilizer usage patterns, among other critical factors impacting specific crops.