Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Construction

Looking for artificial intelligence in construction industry? Our smart and continually learning algorithms monitor and analyze video feeds from strategically placed site cameras. By leveraging the power of computer vision, data and just-in-time actionable insights are generated that empower construction professionals to mitigate cost and schedule risks. We provide general contractors, developers, and the construction industry visibility and transparency into their construction sites. We provide powerful project control insights to bring predictability, stability, and safety to construction sites.

OREL IT research & implements how to increase efficiency over the entire lifecycle chain

The construction industries are on the verge of digitalization, which is disrupting traditional processes and also holds many opportunities in store. OREL IT innovations is expected to increase efficiency throughout the entire value chain from the production of building materials to the design, planning and construction phase itself, and facility management as well.

Idea & design and planning

artificial intelligence construction industry

Within the AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) industry, designers and engineers are currently starting to adopt generative design.

OREL IT is able to develop design alternatives based on the knowledge it gains from the plans in the database. Designers and engineers can simply input design goals together with parameters such as three-dimensional requirements, performance, materials, cost constraints and many more into the generative design software. Enabled by artificial intelligence, the software then explores all possible permutations of a solution, generating design alternatives that meet all previously specified requirements.

Our Software’s dramatically simplify this process. Artificial networks can carry out the detection of clashes in a day without the need for teams of engineers. It can not only detect potential clashes with utilities but can also find solutions for them and change the plans accordingly.

Construction in execution

We can improve construction execution planning, the updating of construction sequences and task management, while keeping all stakeholders always informed.

OREL IT AI based tools could detect possible clashes, delays and changes within the construction process by comparing the digital twin of the building that is present in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) cloud against the actual physical representation. Robots and drones can already be used for frequent image recording and 360-degrees laser scans. Those images and measurements provide the necessary input so that the AI can track the timely progress of the physical building against the plan stored in the BIM cloud.

Supply with facility management

The huge amount of data being collected over time makes it perfect for the use of OREL IT to develop feasible facility management system. If you partner with us will for sure gives you the solution in need.

Ore IT systems can detect parts of buildings that are currently not being used and automatically deactivate the heating, ventilation and air conditioning in these parts, drastically reducing energy consumption.

AI along the steps of the value chain for construction material manufacturers and distributors

Aside from the opportunities for the use of our solutions on a construction project’s lifecycle, it can also be an enabler for the next big step in the digitalization of construction material producers and/or distributors. It would increase efficiency along the value chain in functions such as procurement, marketing and sales, manufacturing, logistics, customer service and aftersales of building material producers, merchants as well as building companies.

Why you should apply artificial intelligence in construction industry

  • scheduling
  • safety
  • management
  • waste management
  • estimating
  • equipment
  • productivity

So contact us to apply artificial intelligence in construction industry.