Safeguarding Data with Orel IT

In the vast global web of complex data, ensuring cybersecurity to protect data has become a paramount responsibility. It is essential to build up a strong resilience in the face of sophisticated cyberattacks that is outside the conventional defense mechanism. With Artificial Intelligence stepping into the world of cybersecurity, the security professionals have ample amount of resources to save data from all kinds of irregularities and abnormalities in the network.

Orel IT, with the support of team members in the Research and Development we have initiated an AI-based mechanism to prevent any kind of unauthorized access to a network. We aim to work with sectors ranging from finance/ banking to the health care industry and establish a strong AI-based defense to protect valuable company data.

Our focus is on the following specialties to ensure cybersecurity in businesses.

  • Network Threat Identification
  • AI-based antivirus software
  • User behavior modeling
  • Email Monitoring.

One of the most common threats that the businesses face today is phishing; a type of cyber-attack that uses email as a weapon to hack credentials. Orel IT has already implemented the AI-based Email security system that removes threats from all emails. Our Research team seeks to pursue the advancement of building a stronger automated defense to counteract the advanced cyberattacks that breach the security system.

With AI-based defense mechanisms in progress, it will be possible to easily analyze user behaviors, deduce a pattern, and identify even the minute unusual change in a system. The AI system will signal to refrain from accessing the malicious cyber program and save vulnerable data. Many organizations across the world are now more interested in installing machine learning-based products as they have the potential to minimize recurring incidents and remediate them.

Join with Orel IT to build a strong defense against Cyber Attacks.

As the largest IT solutions provider in Sri Lanka, Orel IT works towards stabilizing strong cybersecurity solutions that can be adapted to any organizational context. We hope to strengthen our participation in improving cybersecurity and contribute to mitigating the adverse effects of cyberattacks in the modern world of advanced technology.