Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Education

Looking for artificial intelligence for education? Education has no limits, and AI can help eliminate many boundaries. Technology brings about drastic transitions by facilitating the learning of any course from anywhere across the globe at any time. AI-powered education equips students with fundamental IT skills. With more inventions, there will be a wider range of courses available online, and with the help of AI, students will be learning from wherever they are.

AI in Education is the process of facilitating learning with the assistance of intelligent machines to enhance the knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits needed for cohabitation in society. Education is a broad domain; dependent primarily on human-to-human interaction. With the tech revolution e-learning platforms are becoming more commonplace in providing a trusted learning environment in both schools and businesses.

The following research and development initiatives are currently being carried out by OREL IT

Simplifying and Assisting Administrative Tasks.

AI-based learning toolkits enable the administration tasks to be carried out smoothly and efficiently. We are focusing on developing AI-based learning systems that can automate most of the admin tasks like correcting homework and grading assignments and tests. Biometrics of which the basis is Artificial Intelligence can be used to reduce the burden of repetitive administration tasks which are otherwise time-intensive for teachers and non-academic staff. As a result, the teachers are left with an ample amount of time to pay more attention to children and help them more with their studies. Moreover, various AI technologies such as facial recognition and voice recognition could be beneficial in eliminating malpractices in examinations.

Smart Content

Smart content is inclusive of video conferencing, video lecturing, and webinars. The learning experience has no doubt taken a new shape with the turn of events in 2020. As students are more engaged in smart content now than before OREL IT focusses on making Natural Language Processed (NLP) chatbots to facilitate the communication flow. In addition to that new interfaces are created with digitalized textbooks.

Adaptive and Personalized Learning

Adaptive and personalized learning enhances the potential of each student to reach the mastery level owing to the personalized recommendations made possible by AI. The use of NLP driven chatbots to personalize the learning experience is a promising outcome of integrating Artificial Intelligence in education.

By implementing AI in the education sector, it will clear the way to strongly gain progress in the dissemination of education. AI is a strategic solution for reaching convenience as it analyzes a large amount of data in real-time in a trusted and secured way. OREL IT, as the largest IT solutions provider in the country, aims at enriching the community with an AI-based education system. So contact us to apply artificial intelligence in education.