The partial or total loss of sight can impose debilitating consequences on individuals, as they engage with life and navigate its many aspects. The AI-based vision solutions that we’ve supported in developing and manufacturing afford numerous capabilities, where the everyday challenges of visual impairment are addressed in a powerful way.

Our wearable assistive technology solutions enable individuals with visual impairments to read, through hearing, any pieces of text appearing on surfaces in either print or digital format, properly discern the people in their lives, and even accurately identify products at stores as well as notes of money.

The technology harnesses a system where the wearer points his or her finger at a particular passage of text that requires reading or towards a specific item that they want to identify, and the device then narrates the required information to the wearer through a minute personal speaker.

Global players in wearable assistive technology work closely with Orel IT while drawing on our capabilities to map the images of people, products, and notes of money as well as in other aspects of the overall software. Our efforts help lessen practical hearing impairment challenges to some degree, allowing people greater independence to go about their lives.