Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Entertainment

Looking for artificial intelligence in entertainment Industry? The Entertainment Industry just like any other industry is open to revolutionary changes with the advent of modern technology. To create a highly personalized user experience, the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in creating art has turned out to be an attractive solution for creative tech geeks in the entertainment industry. This remarkable transformation offers media/entertainment and gaming professionals to further enhance productivity by automating repetitive tasks while revolutionizing the way the audience experience music, TV shows, movies, sports, games, and videos to name a few.

Recapture Art with OREL IT’s AI-based Concepts.

With a decade long experience in providing IT solutions, OREL IT has perceived the importance of keeping pace with the latest trends in the AI and entertainment industry. The annotation experts in all our five leagues engage in the task of data labeling which can be considered as the basis of machine learning. Our team members have already achieved success in contributing to the annotation aspect of AI-based gaming software.

In our professional profile, one of the most outstanding projects we have collaboratively completed is the XTR project. In partnership with an Israeli computer software company, the project is on motion capture gaming which enables people to interact with computing devices by their body motion, without touch, using only a 2D camera. With the assistance of a Software Development Kit (SDK), any smartphone camera will be able to capture movements thanks to the Kinect-like motion sensor allowing users to play games with body movements.

Future Projects with OREL IT…

As a forward-looking IT company, OREL IT hopes to work on more futuristic projects that enhance the quality of adaptive learning of the machines to personalize user experience. It is our goal to develop a deep learning algorithm to facilitate an AI system that caters to all the requirements of the user. We aspire to work together with local and international IT companies and engage in more innovative projects to give a noteworthy virtual experience to our global community. So contact us to apply artificial intelligence and entertainment.