Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Entertainment

In recent years, the environmental issues have triggered debates, discussions, awareness programs and public outrage that have catapulted interest in new technologies. Lets look at our recent developments in AI applications pertaining to environmental engineering carried out at our OREL IT labs. We are open for discussions of this section which will provide opportunities for cross-fertilization of ideas and achieving the larger goal of development of efficient environmental management or decision making system.

OREL IT Geo tagging Data Entry Services

OREL IT provides Geotagging data entry services for businesses that have a vast number of geotagged images, websites and video data. Organizations that compile geo data from variety of sources and require prompt organizational solutions can avail OREL IT’s location tagging services. With our accurate digital data entry solutions, business can process, enrich, organize, convert or store location wise information in easily accessible storehouses or spreadsheets.

Our skilled staff is experienced in extracting embedded geodata from diverse formats and transforming them into retrievable, meaningful information that enhances the outcomes. Moreover, companies can better meet their need for improved search functionality, customer monitoring and interactions, social media awareness, and sales and marketing objectives with OREL IT’s Geotagging Data Entry solutions.

Our Range of Geotag Data Entry Services

OREL IT provides business with an all-encompassing range of accurate geotagging data entry services for all location based requirements. These Include, but are not limited to;

Image Geotagging Data Entry

OREL IT can collect, extract, sort and enhance geographical location data from any volume of images and prepare it for automated data entry, including verifying accuracy and uploading into custom storage solutions.

Video Geotagging Data Entry

OREL IT offers data entry for geotagged videos that require geotagged data to be extracted or collected, processed, enhanced and organized in a database or spreadsheet. Includes audio encoding and overlays.

Geotagged Data Conversion

OREL IT’s data team will convert geotagged data from videos, images and websites into a chosen format so you and your business can make full use of the information on the devices and software your business runs.

OREL IT Putting location to work

Geofencing is a location-based service in which an app or other software uses GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data to trigger a pre-programmed action when a mobile device or RFID tag enters or exits a virtual boundary set up around a geographical location, known as a geofence.

Depending on how a geofence is configured OREL IT can prompt mobile push notifications, trigger text messages or alerts, send targeted advertisements on social media, allow tracking on vehicle fleets, disable certain technology or deliver location-based marketing data.

How About Letting OREL IT Labs Take Care of Weather Forecasting

When we talk about “weather data,” we’re often dealing with big data—a large volume of information that spans huge amounts of time and geographical areas. As valuable as this data is for forecasting weather, the tricky bit is figuring out how to utilize it without over-saturating or over-complicating things. This is where AI and machine learning come in, and they may be revolutionary to the way we understand weather.

With AI models gaining power and momentum across a number of industries in recent years, meteorological researchers are now applying the tech in satellite data processing, nowcasting, typhoon and extreme weather forecasting and other business and environmental analytics areas.

Modern weather forecasting relies on a vast data collection network. While adding high resolution remote sensors provides the basis for more accurate and precise weather prediction, it is also bringing the challenge of how to most effectively process, understand and maximize all that data.

OREL IT Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and machine learning approaches will revolutionize many aspects of future Environmental Engineering field. Our solutions & knowledge can be used as a promising tool to tackle different problems related to aspects of environmental practical cases.