Mobile and software development has been a core strength of the evolving Orel IT team, since its original conception. Our comprehensive software, web, and mobile development offering includes the development of purpose-built websites that facilitate both standard and next-gen capabilities; software systems that allow for simplification of business functions, streamlining of processes, and accelerated growth; and apps that enable intuitive interaction and engagement to enhance customer experience and outcomes.

Below, we offer an in-depth view of our mobile and software development capabilities:

Our award winning software, mobile, and web design and development solutions have come to be known for their freshness and practicality, as well as for their emphasis on value creation. We’ve accrued in excess of ten years of varied experience in developing IT based business solutions, and our position of market leadership in web, mobile and software development also synergistically contributes to Orel IT’s other focuses: Research and Development, AI and Machine Learning, and KPO & BPO.

Orel IT’s team with professional IT professionals including programmers, are renowned industry-wide for the great flexibility offered to clients through their multidisciplinary expertise. From e-commerce platforms for start-ups, systems for single-store entrepreneurs, to sophisticated sales force automation solutions for retail giants, our diverse development capabilities are driven by the versatile knowledge, skills, and experience of our IT experts.

A core feature distinguishing the solutions we provide is the high degree of customization we enable. By smoothly integrating tailor made, easy to use tech systems into our clients’ businesses, they’re able to streamline specific functions and spur growth. Orel IT adopts a collaborative approach in determining the tech solutions that suit each client, by working closely with them from the outset to discern the particular areas they wish to address.

Equally compelling are Orel IT’s extensive mobile and web development credentials, offering clients from across the globe applications characterized by high ease of use and functionality, as well as websites that simplify business and drive value.

Our focus on leveraging technology in all its forms, in addressing key operational, employee and customer functions while improving business profitability, has placed Orel IT at the top among web, mobile and software solutions specialists both at home and abroad.