Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Fashion

Looking for artificial intelligence for fashion? in the age of digitalization, AI and machine learning (ML) based technologies in the fashion industry are providing an automated solution to manufacturers helping them to leverage the intelligence of AI into fashion and exhaust the best possibilities into their field.

Wearing clothes is not only a necessity of humans, instead, they get the chance to show-off their style, beauty, personality and lavish lifestyle.

OREL IT Labs Fashion AI & Machine learning BUSINESS OPERATIONAL solutions provided;

1. Design and Product Development

Using a powerful algorithm that analyses past designs and future trends, Retailers can choose to send AI-designed apparel straight to manufacturing or incorporate this as an additional step to automate the pattern making and fit process. Human designers can then make alterations on these pre-designed garments to significantly speed up design to market time. OREL IT R&D scales the manufacturing process in fashion through automating fabric quality control, pattern inspections, color matching and defect detection.

2. Buying and Merchandising

artificial intelligence for fashion

Predictive Analytics-

Through automated product tagging, OREL IT analyses market performance on a per attribute level. Buyers are informed not only on the products that are performing well but also on detailed attributes like color, prints, sleeves, necklines and more. Additionally, instead of looking at trends and product performance as a snapshot at the end of each season, OREL IT provides real-time data to observe shifting trends and stock performance as they are happening. Hence, buying and merchandising teams can adopt a proactive strategy to address consumer demand as it arises and always stay relevant.

Styling and Merchandising Platforms-

Personal Styling Platform

OREL IT team can build, track and manage comprehensive customer profiles using a flexible AI Styling Platform that automates and scales exceptional quality styling services. This generates hyper-personalised recommendations for each client that can be speed edited on the platform. Finally, these outfits can be put into the shopping basket, shared via email or sent directly to the customer as a fashion concierge styling box.

Visual Merchandising Platform

Then this process further into Visual merchandising teams which can use an AI-powered platform to speed up product page curations for the online storefront.


artificial intelligence in fashion

Personalization Per Individual Customer

The power of machine learning and AI can be used to make visual similarity and product recommendations that are hyper-personalised to each customer, taking into account their individual:

Body Type – based on complimenting their figure

Colouring – based on the combination of hair and eye colour, skin tone and undertones

Occasions – they want to dress for

Style Persona – based on their taste and identity such as fashion-forward or traditional

This brings online recommendations to the same quality standard of a bespoke personal styling service. OREL IT labs teams can scale personal styling services provided in-person to top tier VIP customers down to all customer segments without the cost of dedicated stylists.


Chatbots let fashion retailers stay in one-to-one touch with their customers before, during and after a sale. Chatbots fill the gaps in the omnichannel customer journey to deliver a seamless and uninterrupted brand experience.

OREL IT chatbot can be integrated into multiple touchpoints at a retailer’s e-commerce and social media platforms: the website, Facebook and even instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, iMessage and WeChat. Communicating with customers on the same channels that they already use increases the convenience of shopping. Instead of waiting for the customer to come to them, our chatbots enable retailers to be present when and where the customer is ready to engage.

OREL IT who leverage AI as Augmentative Intelligence to supercharge existing business model will scale fashion retailer`s resources, amplify their core strengths, be empowered by data-driven insight to overcome their weaknesses and maximise their market penetration as a brand. So contact us to apply artificial intelligence in fashion.