Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Finance

OREL IT now introduces the revolutionary technology of Artificial Intelligence in the finance industry. OREL IT is a foremost player of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

We have been consulting different industries in Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Other supportive Technologies. We have served numerous clients in our 10+ years in the market and have been building Goodwill and support from all of them. With the similar enthusiasm and expertise, we now have introduced our Artificial Intelligence technology to Finance industry too.

So if you are planning on utilizing latest technology like Artificial Intelligence in your finance business, look no further than OREL IT. Banking and Finance Industry can make use of this revolutionary technology in multiple ways and integrate it with their existing organizational functions. Artificial Intelligence enables your organization to automate and facilitate your day to day functioning such as customer service and loyalty building with clients. With its ability to have great insight on the available data and patterns, it can also assist you in preventing frauds, detecting anomalies in transactions, algorithmic trading, managing risks.

The application of Artificial intelligence will give you the power of data and let’s you make smart and foresighted decisions on several key issues. It will automate most of the laborious tasks that takes up much of the time and let’s staff members to focus on core job.

So, why wait for long? You can contact us Today and start building smart system for your organization.

How We Do Implementation Of Artificial Intelligence In Your Finance Business?

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence is the key point in growing your business. With a well researched and better Implementation, AI technology can revolutionize and upgrade your Organizational functioning.

There are mainly three areas where AI can help you in Banking and Financial sector.

Front Office, In Serving Clients And Customers

Serving customer and clients is one of the important task in Front office. Artificial Intelligence can help the staff in easier identification of customer and authentication process. Also, the use of chatbots and voice assistants can be done to further improve upon the service quality.

It will deepen the engagement with customers and clients and cement relationships.

Middle Office, In Anti-fraud Detection

Fraudulent activities in banking system is one of the key issues that needs solution. Artificial Intelligence is able to process a ton of data at a very short period which helps detect any such activities within the network and also stop those transactions. Anomaly detection is much easier with AI than doing it manually.

Back Office, For Underwriting

Underwriting is much faster and smooth with the use of AI. The ability to process information faster and reliable makes it an attractive choice of technology when assessing risks and getting proper insight into investments opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence and augmented analytics can be a great tool and a driving force behind the Technological revolution in economy. As more and more industries are onboarding the AI and machine learning platforms, it is even crucial for financial industry to lead.

The Use Case Of AI In Financial Industry

Customer Service

Customer service is the first point of touch with new and old customers. It is much important to equip them with latest technology in giving high quality service. AI can be a much more helpful and reliable tool in doing so.

Fraud And Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

The ability to access lot of information at once and process it to form a reliable prediction is one of the main feature of AI. This same feature can assist Banking and Financial sector in identifying fraudulent activities and Money laundering activities by identifying early signs of potential issues in the future. The real time analysis also makes it instant and results in faster implementation of any reactive measures for those activities.


AI is a very good automation tool along with being able to transfer data securely. AI can help automate the flow of data and information within parties and be able to notify both parties about a transaction. It also assists in approval processes of such transactions which will completely eliminate any errors that could have been made by humans.

Risk Management

AI is helpful to financial institutions in managing risks as it relies on predictive analytics and Natural Language Processing (NPL) to determine alternative credit risk score models. With such advance features, it also helps in getting deep insights and smart decision making.


Lending is another task where AI can be a helpful tool for financial institutions. With its ability to give greater insights and analyzing customer profiles based on the data available makes it a great assistant in pre-screening, application processing, underwriting, and disbursal of fund in loan products.

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