Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare

Looking for artificial intelligence for healthcare? The year 2020 goes down in history owing to the unprecedented era of a global pandemic. As the number of Coronavirus cases has already begun to soar, the healthcare professionals are faced with the insurmountable challenge of containing the disease. There’s no ideal time than the present day when the best use of technology is reflected to ease the packed schedule of COVID-19 frontline workers. When social distancing is the fundamental basis to stop the spread of the disease, the virtual connectedness that the technology provides helps us keep the workflow smooth. OREL IT as a pioneering IT company in Sri Lanka foresees the newest generation of Artificial Intelligence as the milestone in reinventing the healthcare and medical sector.

OREL IT’s participation in developing AI toolkits so far.

Everyday challenges faced by the visually impaired are addressed in an innovative style thanks to the invention of OrCam; a wearable assistive technology. It is inclusive of a system where the wearer points the finger at a particular text that requires reading or towards a specific item that they want to identify, and the device then narrates audibly the required information to the wearer through a minute personal speaker.

OREL IT takes immense pride in facilitating this advanced technology to our very own community in Sri Lanka. We were offered to collaborate with leading AI experts to make this venture a success. Introducing a wide range of IT-enabled services OREL IT continues to bring communities to the forefront of the digital age.

The Healthcare sector owns an overwhelming amount of data which are impossible to be analyzed without the help of machines. Revolutionizing how healthcare operates, OREL IT took another step forward in AI by introducing the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT); a system that connects all medical devices to the healthcare provider’s computer through the internet enabling efficient and accurate generation, collection, and analysis of data.

A few of the significant tasks fulfilled by AI thus far are the diagnosis and treatment recommendations along with administrative tasks. A developed pattern of algorithm helps doctors to gather information on tens of thousands of patients to help predict what is going to happen to a particular patient. In less time and at a fraction of the cost, doctors can use the information productively for patient care.

Work with OREL IT to Help Heal a Community.

There is no doubt that the Healthcare and Medical sector needs efficiency, particularly today, with the growing complexity and rise of data. OREL IT is a forward-looking IT service provider with the vision of pursuing the best in technological innovations. In partnering up with us, the community will have the opportunity to access the choicest service in healthcare as our talented IT professionals work towards solidifying AI-based toolkits in the healthcare sector. So contact OREL IT to apply artificial intelligence in healthcare.