Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Manufacturing

Looking for artificial intelligence for manufacturing? In the manufacturing sector the presence of Artificial Intelligence powered bots is already an attractive solution to many of the challenges faced in the industry. The tectonic shift from manually operated to automated manufacturing not only boosts the productivity but also assures the quality of the products by identifying the defects more accurately.

Our Journey So Far in Adapting AI in the Manufacturing Sector.

OREL Corporation is well-known for its high-quality electrical goods both locally and internationally thanks to the systematic quality assurance that’s been carried out from design to production of the manufacturing process. It is no easy task to handle the quality assurance process manually for a company of this large scale. The AI technologies are hence effectively adapted in a way that boost the efficiency and quality of the products.

The following diagram shows the use of AI in the process of quality check.

Our machines are equipped with cameras that are many times more sensitive than human vision which helps to detect even the minute defects on production lines.

Why OREL IT is worth collaborating with for your Upcoming Project.

The experienced team of high-caliber at OREL IT performs the tasks related to annotation allowing for meaningful embedding of notes and subsequent extraction of information from videos and images. Along with our parent company OREL Corporation, we have already implemented the task of assuring the quality of electrical goods with the assistance of AI technologies. As the largest IT solutions provider in Sri Lanka OREL IT aspires to engage in more collaborative projects that facilitates the use of AI in the spectrum of manufacturing and quality assurance.

Artificial intelligence in manufacturing industry

  • car manufacturing
  • steel manufacturing
  • aerospace manufacturing
  • textile manufacturing
  • automotive manufacturing

So contact us to apply artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry.

artificial intelligence for manufacturing