From groundbreaking Industry 4.0 developments, and award-winning IT solutions, to industry-first CSR efforts, this area is dedicated to presenting a diverse list of updates concerning Orel IT.


Orel IT’s position as an IT powerhouse in the local industry and its considerable global reach across BPO and KPO segments, have led to a number of critical awards both at home and abroad.


Our CSR initiatives are numerous and varied, with attention being given to disaster relief programs, environmental conservation projects, novel and charity-focused initiatives involving the disbursement of funds and equipment.


An event themed ‘Employee Excellence Awards – OIT Legends’ is held each year, in an effort to recognize the many employee success stories at OIT, the efforts of individuals displaying superior performance levels, as well as those who spearhead change across its versatile teams.


As Orel IT completes its 9th year in business, we proudly look back on the groundbreaking changes we’ve implemented industrywide and our market leadership position across each of our focuses. Orel IT’s 9th Anniversary is dedicated to the visionary individuals and teams that have shaped its success throughout.