AI Labs – Research & Development

We’re constantly working on some of the most complex and interesting research challenges, with the ultimate goal of solving problems and improve processes.

Research & Development

Imagination becomes reality here

Our Approach

Our R&D unit has guided our diverse efforts across AI vision solutions that harness text-to-speech and face recognition capabilities, object identification, research agritech initiatives such as affording farmers high-quality intelligence and insight in crop optimization, management of farming operations, and agribusiness decisions; as well as smart building management, home automation, and work space automation systems that enable streamlined operations, greater business value and a higher quality of life for people.

Orel IT is parallelly engaged in high-level R&D in developing automated unmanned shopping experiences, facial expression recognition technology, and sales force automation solutions, in transforming the very manner in which we live, perceive, and interact with one another.

At Orel IT, we envision a smart future, encouraging smart lifestyles for individuals, homes and industries, built and powered by state-of-the-art AI systems which would enhance quality of life, empower growth and drive efficiency.

We believe that by using a long-term thinking, a collaborative approach and the most innovative technologies you can achieve greatness. We invest all our energy and experience in delivering state of the art solutions for our customers.

Previous and ongoing projects include and are not limited to prediction and scene comprehension for assisted driving technologies, face recognition, image and sound synthesis, natural language understanding.

We had some amazing results in machine learning while working with Fortune 500 companies and our main Machine Learning R&D services are:


Self-Driving Vehicles

Computer Vision Training Data Solution for AI in Automotive

As an IT Service provider, Orel IT provides customized services for an advanced autonomous driving system. Autonomous driving has now scaled up with multiple cameras & sensors combined with AI & Machine learning to perform a real time driving experience in order to execute driving functionalities such as auto driving, auto brake, and human and traffic signal detection etc.

Visual Intelligence

Computer vision meets visual assistive technology

Our AI vision solution involves the development and manufacture of wearable assistive technology solutions that utilizes artificial intelligence to help visually impaired people to hear any text appearing on any surface, recognize the faces of people in their lives and identify supermarket products and money notes. When the user points a finger at text to read or at an item that they want to identify, the device discreetly relays the relevant information to the wearer via a small personal speaker. The AI vision solution has outsourced the process of mapping the images of people, products, money notes and other aspects in the software, to Orel IT.

AI for Agritech

Next generation in Agriculture Technology

Our very own AI agriculture assistant provides intelligence to farmers, assisting them to optimize their crops and cultivation. From agronomic and business decisions, to the management of farming operations, the solution provides farmers with the most advanced data and intelligence network in Agtech, enabling them to predict their harvest, and helping them to focus on optimizing their produce.

An Automated Shopping Experience

Data Science and AI are changing shopping experience

We are researching towards defining an algorithm with the capability to identify human movements within a defined context in order to optimize the concept of unmanned store. Unmanned stores allow people to live their lives with almost zero human contact. Embedded with technology such as RFID tags, mobile payment systems and facial and movement recognition, such stores collect troves of data that give operators a better idea of consumer preferences and buying habits, which can then be used to optimize operations and make more efficient inventory decisions.

Facial Expression

Recognizing human facial expressions with Machine Learning

We are working on face recognition technology in order to help the human to increase the standard of living. Human Face expression recognition is one of the most powerful and challenging tasks in social communication. We are working on a research to design an algorithm to review facial expressions to determine the status of an individual.

This system will recognize human expressions via recognition technology and determine the output, helping security, marketing, identifications of personal behaviour to ease and improve overall efficiency.. Orel IT has been improving at such a rapid rate that it even astounds experts in the field. This raises an interesting prospect, in that machines may soon become better at recognizing micro expressions than humans.