Orel IT provides Artificial Intelligence in Retail

The new generation of shoppers, the millennials, expect bespoke shopping experiences in real-time and at the lowest price. They expect the retailer to know them as well as their local grocer used to. They don’t want to be flooded with thousands of irrelevant products. Instead, they want shorter wait times, quicker order fulfilment, personalized product recommendations & frictionless checkout experiences. This new generation was brought up in a digital world where they can find multiple options with a click of a button.

Orel IT Retail Software Development Services

Orel IT helps retailers provide consistent and customer-centric shopping experiences across all channels with disruptive retail technologies. We do that by defining the pain points your business faces today and helping you apply the right strategies and tap on innovation to drive growth. By researching what motivates consumer behavior and conversions and applying our strong technical expertise, we’ll bring your retail business to the next level of efficiency with our retail software development services.


AI in retail can help across the globe improve efficiencies across their workflows. Automation processes help brands with accurate data creation and help provide context around shoppers’ needs and behaviours. By getting access to this accurate data and using it across personalization, styling, and customized marketing, brands can leverage this information to curate experiences that are meaningful and valuable to the shopper.

Orel IT intelligent retail automation is about leveraging the power of data. The amount of data that needs to be processed from even a single shopper with several touchpoints across multiple channels makes automation a necessity, not a luxury.