AI Services

Looking for artificial intelligence (AI) service providers? OREL IT has gained global recognition as a progressive AI and machine learning partner, throughout our corporate vocation spanning over a decade. While being renowned for our versatile data training capabilities, we deliver an array of applications to our global clients who have top-notched their respective industries ranging from autonomous driving to drone based food delivery. Also, as we derive our fully fledged business solutions, from unique and sophisticated AI and ML algorithms, it is never a difficult task for OREL IT to provide rich insights capable of streamlining the business processes of our clients. This way, they can transform pressing challenges encountered within their business into the opportunities of growth no matter how dynamic and progressive are the markets they cater.

From training of data sets in developing machine learning models for global AI heavyweights, to full scale in-house development of AI focused software, OREL IT’s AI and machine learning team is at the forefront of an industry that is transforming how we live. Our diverse video and image annotation services as well as our voluminous data mining capabilities, allow our clients great flexibility in predicting patterns and trends, in supporting perceptive machine behaviour, and in enabling AI, toward the betterment of people, the betterment of life.

Our AI and machine learning strengths are discussed in some detail below:

At OREL IT, we specialize in ai consulting services, allowing for meaningful embedding of notes and subsequent extraction of information from videos and images. This aids in everything from browsing and retrieval to categorization of information, critically important to our clients for testing data sets and in calibrating applications and devices. In addition to powering machine learning models, these capabilities lay a sound foundation towards engaging true self learning AI across real world applications.

While AI requires considerable training at the outset to display the desired outcome, and machine learning necessitates human intervention to modify behaviour and ensure learning progresses with a practical outlook, they both demand the training of large volumes of data to be rendered effectively. OREL IT relies on an assortment of proprietary, open-source and client provided annotation tools, offering clients great flexibility in the annotation tasks you outsource to us.

We support a variety of output formats including XML, JSON, CSV, and EXCEL, among many others that are popular industry wide. Further, we specialize in both automatic and manual tagging tasks, allowing the client ample customization options to meet the specifics of each project. Additionally, OREL IT’s extensive domain expertise in handling a diverse list of annotation related tasks, offers both our local and global clients the advantage of multi-industry experience and industry specific know-how.

Whether in the automotive industry or the areas of agriculture, home automation, and healthcare globally, OREL IT’s AI and machine learning team works purposefully in impacting our everyday lives. From ensuring road safety, and empowering the visually impaired, to effecting groundbreaking changes in farming, OREL IT is deeply involved in the transition from the old to Industry 4.0 both in Sri Lanka and across the globe.

OREL IT is now firmly established as a reliable and progressive partner for the world’s AI and machine vision leaders. So for any artificial intelligence solutions contact us since we are the leading artificial intelligence service provider.