Orel IT’s approach to BPO & KPO is refreshingly different; it combines well trained BPO professionals, tech to automate and streamline processes, and domain experts for KPO. Orel IT draws on the strength of its software development teams to address key BPO and KPO challenges, such as the high employee turnover rate industry wide. This synergistic, tech-based outlook is a key factor that has led to our emergence as the largest business and knowledge support provider in Sri Lanka, servicing business across the globe.

A detailed look at our process and the BPO services we specialize in:

Orel IT’s BPO offering is diverse, and we provide a specialized list of world standard outsourcing/offshoring services to help streamline the processes of global businesses and reduce their operational workload and cost. We assign a team of highly trained executives and managers to each process, who handle the associated tasks in accordance with the process flow initially decided on in consultation with the client. Regular contact is maintained with the client, including the conducting of periodic reviews, so as to closely monitor the health and outcomes of the operation and address concerned areas regularly.

For seamless handling of the full BPO process, we employ a list of technology-based solutions including CRM, voice services, remote desktop, and VPN connectivity, plus numerous web conference and project management tools.

We handle a comprehensive set of BPO services including both traditional and non-conventional support. Orel IT has developed a solid reputation for offering global clients high quality offshoring services such as standard back office support, invoice factoring, underwriting, accounts and finance, HR, and e-commerce support, as well as world-class customer support including inbound call center services.

Orel IT possesses the requisite industry expertise, skills, and technology to manage, overlook or fully handle an extensive set of BPO services. Our facility is centrally located, in the capital city of Colombo, and we employ 100% redundant systems for internet, voice, and even the supply of electricity. This allows us to offer uninterrupted services to our clients across the globe, round-the-clock.

A close look at our process and the KPO services we specialize in:

Orel IT’s industry leading KPO outfit offers customized knowledge solutions, allowing clients worldwide a competitive advantage on the back of our specialist expertise. Expert data management services including data processing, search, and analytics is a core strength of our KPO unit.

As a knowledge intensive function, Orel IT’s KPO team focuses on offering services that directly enable insights that empower business strategy and decision making. We assign highly skilled professionals displaying domain expertise across a range of industry areas to the distinct KPO efforts that we handle.

Our data, covering everything from the market, customers, to products and services, when properly channeled offers an in-depth understanding to our clients on their strengths, as well as problem areas and effective business solutions to address them.

Orel IT specializes in a comprehensive set of data management services including data processing, mining, cleansing, verification, extraction, conversion, and analysis. Further, the Orel IT team offers its clients the added advantage of industry-specific KPO expertise, in areas as distinct as banking, healthcare, and retail.

Increasingly gaining in stature as a first-rate KPO outfit with global capabilities, Orel IT’s knowledge solutions inform strategic decision making across some of the world’s biggest companies.