Orel IT’s R&D process is multi layered, in that our industry experts and proprietary technology including systems and tools, heavily shape the life cycle of our clients’ innovations, while also spurring strategic internal growth through each of our focuses. Parallelly, we perform cutting-edge R&D in the areas of AI and machine vision-based advancement — actively setting the course for Industry 4.0 in Sri Lanka.

We discuss our R&D effort briefly in the area that follows:

Our R&D team coalesces the efforts of the industry’s top thinkers with the fresh perspectives of young graduates, bringing to the table diverse expertise and analytical skills from both tech and non-tech backgrounds. We realise the importance of the country’s young minds embracing and advancing Industry 4.0, and therefore we offer undergraduates from the top local universities an opportunity to obtain hands-on experience in the form of internships at our ultra modern R&D department.

An almost clinical focus is placed on R&D at Orel IT, where our inputs and solutions are subject to routine testing on a weekly basis, offering us powerful feedback and insight on adjustments required and developments made. A portion of revenue is set aside for reinvestment in research and development at Orel IT, to further capitalize on our advancements in autonomous driving systems as well as a host of other AI and machine vision-focused real-world systems.

Our R&D unit has guided our diverse efforts across AI vision solutions that harness text-to-speech and face recognition capabilities in wearable assistive technology for individuals who are partially or totally visually impaired; agritech initiatives such as Orel IT’s AI agriculture assistant, affording farmers high quality intelligence and insight in crop optimization, management of farming operations, and agribusiness decisions; as well as smart building management, home automation, and work space automation systems that enable streamlined operations, greater business value and a higher quality of life for people.

Orel IT is parallelly engaged in high level R&D in developing automated unmanned shopping experiences, facial expression recognition technology, and sales force automation solutions, in transforming the very manner in which we live, perceive, and interact with one another.