The culture and work environment at Orel IT ensures not only that projects are delivered to a superior standard, but also allows for the progression of individuals within and beyond the work setting.

In this section, we feature the stories of several employees who’ve risen to the top of their professions while inspiring our team to strive for even higher standards in our respective areas of work.

Gayan Viduranga

Assistant Project Manager

I started my professional career with Orel IT in 2012 as an Associate Image Processor. I chose Orel IT because it’s a rapidly growing company that provides employees with a number of opportunities for learning and development and also for gaining invaluable experience within a multinational team.

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Subashini Sureka

Corporate Analyst

My first experience with Orel IT goes back 10 years. I still remember the day I stepped in to this fascinating company as an Associate Image Processor. I think it was pure coincidence that I was selected by Orel IT for internship. That was the start of my professional relationship with Orel IT. I was later selected for a contractual role as Quality Leader.

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Himashi Sandamini

Associate Business Analyst

I joined Orel IT in 2012 in to Associate Image Processing team and the kind of exposure I have received has been phenomenal which helped me mould myself into a well-rounded professional. This was one of my best decisions to join Orel IT. It’s been 8 years I am associated with Orel IT and got multiple opportunities of learning and exploring new areas. From been a Trainee in Image Processing to Associate Business Analyst is a journey full of passion & excitement.

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Kasun Prabudda

Assistant Project Manager

Orel IT is one of the few organizations in Sri Lanka with a strong focus on inclusive hiring. I was appointed by a friend introducing me to Orel IT during their open day interview sessions aimed at people with enthusiast to start a career in IT industry. I am encouraged to work on multiple assignments that serve to enrich my overall experience and learning. I worked as a Trainer as well in the early stage at Orel IT then moved into the department of Quality Assurance Supervisors.

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Gayani Perera

League Compliance Officer

I joined Orel IT in January 2011 as a Image Processor. Through the years, I handled various roles with different business and project functions in the capacity of an Supervisor, Lead Business Analyst and also a Manager Project Deployment and then later as Manager Project Implementations.

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Ishana Batugedara

Assistant Manager Administration

I joined Orel IT in 2011 as a college fresher. For a person straight out of college, the professional world can be quite intimidating. It is also important to work with the right organization, especially at the start of your career, as it is the building block towards a successful professional life in the future. I feel Orel IT has provided me with everything that a new joiner could possibly ask for – a great brand name, able guidance, proficient leaders and a team that is every ready to help.

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Nadun Nimantha

Assistant Project Manager

It’s been a whirlwind journey, but I can honestly say that I love working at Orel IT. The way this company treats its people and goes out of its way to help employees achieve their career goals is something I haven’t seen elsewhere. There are limitless opportunities for employees to grow within Orel IT. If by any chance you have missed an opportunity, you can be sure there will be new ones coming if you work hard enough. My career at Orel IT has been quite smooth for the past years.

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Lasitha Panadura

Executive Quality Assurance

Orel IT is a company that allows its employees to learn and grow, and this is the key reason I have stayed with the company since 2011.I was an Associate Image Processor for 2 years and my Department Manager at that time, helped and encouraged me to move up on the career ladder and I became Quality Assurance Executive. What I realized been an employee at Orel IT is to the ones whom try on different positions and take on new challenges makes you understand the business and makes you grow in person as well.

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At Orel IT, we know that the single most important ingredient of our success is our people.
They have opportunities for personal growth and learning in an engaging, challenging and rewarding companywith a winning future.

We also recognize that each individual is unique – with different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences that influence and inform their ideas and opinions which are valued. These differences lead to innovative ideas and better decisions which makes us successful.

Above are few of the success stories from our team members who started their career as a College Graduate and had a story to tell.

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