Vision enabled solutions for Blind EYE through AI

OREL IT provides Artificial Intelligence-Powered Solution to Help Improve How Visually Impaired People Live and Work

OREL IT provides smart solution assistance using AI technologies such as image recognition, natural language processing and natural language generation capabilities to describe the environment of a visually impaired person. Initially developed and tested with a leading innovative product distributor for blind professionals through a collaboration with OREL IT the solution provides narration to the user on the number of people in a room, their ages, genders and even emotions based on facial expressions. It can also be used to identify and narrate text from books and documents, including currency notes, and identify obstructions like glass doors to improve the safety of the user.

OREL IT navigational “channels” that correspond nicely with other technology that is useful to users with visual impairments: Short Text; Documents; Product; Currency; Person; and Scene. (Both Person and Scene are beta works in progress).

These channels correspond to a specific type of app, device or software utility in the following broader categories:

  • Short Text and Documents are types of Optical Character Recognition or OCR.
  • Product is a barcode scanner. It scans a barcode that appears on most products that identifies what that product is, and other details about it, such as directions and ingredients.
  • Person, Currency, and Scene are all forms of object recognition. They have the ability to take a picture of something and have either the software or a remote human being identify the object and communicate that information to the user.

OREL IT technology invention in Optical Character Recognition

One of the most powerful categories of productivity available for visually impaired users are Optical Character Recognition, or OCR: software that enables users to take a picture of text, and have the software read it back with the device’s screen reader. For example, you can take a picture of a magazine article or printed recipe and have it read aloud by the smartphone or device. OREL IT vision enabled solutions develop these algorythems to navigate and process in.

OREL IT supports solutions in Object Recognition

The Person and Scene channels both seem to be in beta mode, and users can expect varying results. In both channels, the goal is for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify the people and objects in the scene. In the Person channel, users may take a picture of someone they know and label this person, so that any time that person is in a scene on the camera or viewfinder they will be identified to the user.

The combination of OREL IT OCR development provides blind and visually impaired users with a less obtrusive and hands-free way of accessing the world around them – empowering users with independence to ‘see’ the world around them.