One stop source for tech innovation

What Orel IT delivers is a comprehensive set of IT focused solutions, from annotation through to high scale development.


Significant cost advantages

Automating and streamlining of business and customer functions, to improve efficiencies and
reduce operational cost.

Software Development

Focus on your core business

Dedicate time and resources to your key business, while Orel IT expertly handles end to end business and knowledge support.


High caliber expert teams

A versatile team of inspired professionals, offering disruptive innovation or reliable tech services depending on your specific need.

About us

A full suite of world class IT solutions

As the nation’s largest IT solutions provider, Orel IT has made its mark industry-wide as a forward-looking IT services provider in areas as diverse as AI & Machine Learning, Video/Image Annotation, Software development with Web & Mobile solutions and data management.

Through the framework of BPO and KPO, or standard IT project delivery, Orel IT offers both conventional and non-traditional IT solutions that power some of the region’s top businesses.

Service Core

Orel IT’s strength is a versatile tech-based offering, combining services that range from the
standard to what is industry shaping.

Mobile and Software Development

Orel IT specializes in software and mobile app solutions that improve customer outcomes and experience, streamline operations, and deliver business value.

Research and

Cutting-edge R&D that directly influences the development of products and services that address the challenges and needs
of tomorrow.

AI and Machine

Orel IT’s sought after next-gen AI & ML team enables smart execution of workplace functions and self-learning capabilities for real world application.

BPO and

Outshining delivery of services, Orel IT specializes in customized business and knowledge solutions, allowing for improved business productivity and competitive advantage.

Enabling Industry 4.0
in Sri Lanka

We are a specialized machine vision company and one of Sri Lanka’s largest employer in the IT industry. We will be inspiring the next generation, improving lives, changing the future and being a life-line for progress.

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Enabling fuller human potential with wearable assistive technology

The partial or total loss of sight can impose debilitating consequences on individuals, as they engage with life and navigate its many aspects. The AI-based vision solutions that we’ve supported in developing and manufacturing afford numerous capabilities, where the everyday challenges of visual impairment are addressed in a powerful way.

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Challenges in agribusiness forded by smart solutions and agro-intelligence

Across the globe, fluctuating climatic conditions, increased competition, and reduced yields present farmers with numerous challenges that negatively impact the agriculture industry. The increased need for fertilizer and pesticides to maintain consistent crop yields has placed added pressure on farmers, affecting the sustainability of their operations.

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