Data Annotation

Orel IT specializes in image annotation technology and image annotation deep learning services.

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Research & Development

We understand the importance of data labelling to develop successful machine learning models.

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Industrial Automation to Industrial Autonomy

Our Technology innovations allow devices, equipment, business & production systems to operate autonomously.

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Data Annotation- train data to build your next level AI-toolkit.

We have specialized in an extensive list of annotation related tasks that facilitate the implementation of cutting edge state of the art AI-toolkits. By combining our human-assisted approach with machine-learning assistance, we give you the high-quality training data you need to meet the specifics of each AI project.

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Projects completed & More every day

15 Countries

Global Presence

5 Production Leagues

In Sri Lanka

Industries Re-explored

Our team of tech explorers.

Our R&D effort is critical to the groundbreaking lifestyle, business, and industry-focused IT solutions that Orel IT delivers, and the emphasis is placed on AI-related research plus more conventional R&D which influences the products and services our clients take to market

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Enabling Industry 4.0

We are a specialized machine vision company and one of Sri Lanka’s largest employers in the IT industry. We will be inspiring the next generation, improving lives, changing the future, and being a life-line for progress.

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