The Orel IT Story

The name Orel IT is synonymous with groundbreaking IT innovation in Sri Lanka, with an equally strong reputation globally. A fully-owned subsidiary of the Orel Corporation, they are recognized industry-wide as the country’s largest IT solutions provider. The pioneering firm is now led by its 3rd Generation, and its reach extends to several thousand employees covering 5 league locations in Sri Lanka. While drawing on the inherent strengths of its family business roots, Orel IT has gone onto revolutionize the IT landscape across the globe in a meaningful and impactful way.

The Orel IT approach is distinguished by an unwavering focus on remaining client-centered throughout the process, right from the requirement analysis stage through to delivery and upkeep thereafter. Parallelly, the knowledge-based environment that we actively cultivate helps empower our teams to pursue their passion for innovation in processes and solutions.

Orel IT’s portfolio of solutions is diverse yet precise, with a keen focus on addressing the real world, industrial as well as commercial concerns of clients worldwide. Orel IT reserves the distinction of being the only local corporate to offer a wide-ranging set of IT-based solutions including knowledge and business process outsourcing (KPO and BPO services); professional IT services plus customer care support; mobile and software development; research and development; and AI and machine learning.

As each distinct service is offered through the framework of a singular yet comprehensive business structure, we are able to realize powerful synergies in crafting unique integrated solutions to successfully address any challenge conceivable.

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Leadership Team

Orel IT’s vision is steered by a group of high caliber leaders who command the respect of the IT industry as well as the wider business community. They have been instrumental in shaping the tech landscape in Sri Lanka with their progressive outlook while driving cross-industry innovation both at home and abroad. Below, we take a brief look at two pioneering figures in the Orel IT narrative so far.

An innovation maverick, Kushan Kodituwakku is renowned industrywide for his technological prowess and his sharp business acumen, as well as for successfully shepherding the Orel Corporation into a highly sought-after multi-vertical player both locally and internationally. In the capacity of Managing Director of Orel Corporation, of which Orel IT is a fully-owned subsidiary, he has afforded strategic direction and overseen their growth across four core verticals: electrical, industrial, lighting and information technology.

A multi-industry powerhouse today, Orel Corporation’s steady rise since its incorporation as a family business in 1989 owes much to Kushan’s pioneering spirit. The company maintains a firm presence in 6 continents presently, with continuous expansion plans underway into uncharted territory both geographically and in terms of its product, service, and technology offering.

Representing the third generation in a family of successful entrepreneurs, Kushan’s foresight paved the way for the company’s foray into a number of business domains including the highly competitive one of IT. By combining his passion for tech and its real-life application in positively impacting how people live and how organizations conduct business, he has positioned Orel IT strongly in the tech landscape both locally and globally.

A thought leader across the industry, Kushan continues to shape the IT sector with his visionary partnerships in fostering a culture of innovation and creativity countrywide. ‘Meaningful partnerships and collaboration will allow for a knowledge economy and a highly-skilled workforce, allowing for further integration of Sri Lanka with the world’, Kushan asserts.

The story of Orel IT is one that is studied industry-wide, as a successful example of structured development and parallel growth. Alongside Kushan and Orel IT’s energetic team of leaders, at the forefront of this accelerated growth narrative has been Vice President Upendra Peiris. Renowned across the sector as a bonafide IT and disruptive innovation authority, Upendra has played a significant role in ensuring that Orel IT has, and continues to, solidify our Managing Director’s vision for the company.

With the clear intent to become Sri Lanka’s leading IT solutions provider, Orel IT has grown exponentially from being a two person outfit in 2010, to becoming a cross continental operation involving 4,500-plus individuals today. With the company uniting behind a shared vision of relentless innovation, strategic thinking and fresh ideas, ideals which closely mirror Upendra’s tech outlook, Orel IT continues to establish partnerships both locally and globally in expanding its offering to meet highly specific yet diverse customer requirements.

Meet the AI Consultant Team

A versatile team of inspired professionals, offering reliable tech services depending on your specific need.

Our specialist teams are composed of professionals at the forefront of their respective domains, allowing each project to be initiated, planned, and delivered with expert attention.

Consultant AI – Data Services

Nuwandhara Malwattha

Consultant AI – Finance & Banking

Ishanka Gamage

Consultant AI – Health & Medicine

Sanka Ranawaka

Consultant AI – City Planning

Prabath Egodawatte

Consultant AI – Education

Dorini De Silva

Consultant AI – Entertainment

Nisansala Costa

Consultant AI – Agriculture

Chathuranga Abeysekara

Consultant AI – Environment

Kalinga Ihalagedara

Consultant AI – Manufacturing

Indika Ranasinghe

Consultant AI – Fashion

Dinuk Weerasekara

Consultant AI – Supply Chain Management

Abdul Gaffoor

Consultant AI – Cyber Security

Vishwa Liyanapathirana