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Seeing AI as the Game-Changer in the Gameplay Experience

Millions of eyes have already marveled at the new dimensions that Artificial Intelligence has bestowed on our way of life. As the developing machine learning algorithms have set many global industries in motion to evolve into what they are today, we can’t simply disregard how we perceive the future where old ways are put to […]

Artificial Intelligence in The Time of Covid-19 Pandemic; How Machine Learning Algorithms Have Helped the Global Community to Help Combat the Virus.

The world we live in today is governed by the unwritten law of social distancing. The global industries, particularly the healthcare sector, is utilizing the best of the resources at their disposal to tackle the problem of containing the disease. When we are compelled to reimagine the world as we know it now, what might […]

Understanding AI A Futuristic Perspective to Modern Technology

The power of human brain has always been incomparable in terms of intelligence. But with time will the baton be passed on to another entity smarter, more advanced and more independent? AI sometimes called machine intelligence replicates the function of human brain to think and act humanly and rationally. It comes as no surprise that […]

Challenges in agribusiness forded by smart solutions and agro-intelligence

Across the globe, fluctuating climatic conditions, increased competition, and reduced yields present farmers with numerous challenges that negatively impact the agriculture industry. The increased need for fertilizer and pesticides to maintain consistent crop yields has placed added pressure on farmers, affecting the sustainability of their operations. Orel IT works in a close capacity with agritech […]

Enabling fuller human potential with wearable assistive technology

The partial or total loss of sight can impose debilitating consequences on individuals, as they engage with life and navigate its many aspects. The AI-based vision solutions that we’ve supported in developing and manufacturing afford numerous capabilities, where the everyday challenges of visual impairment are addressed in a powerful way. Our wearable assistive technology solutions […]